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    Default Lighting BHO with fire

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone ever had there BHO catch on fire before? ( I'm talking about the errl when it done, not an accident while making BHO.)
    I packed a bowl with some flower and top it with some errl.
    When i light it, the whole bowl catches on fire and it stays burning until i blow it out.
    After i blew it out, white smoke starts to come out constantly in a straight line. I've never smoked errl in a bowl before, only started when i heard about vaping it.

    Is this normal Or is it just bad BHO?
    BHO catches on fire, and the constant white smoke after i light it.

    Sorry for troubling you guys with some stupid question.
    I just wanna know if i should throw this BHO away or its just the nature of BHO

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    not a stupid question buddy... prob just has some solvent trapped in it. not fully purged errl. is it 'explosive'? does it crackle? or spark? or just catch on fire?
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    It just catches on fire and bubbles a little.
    But i heard scissor or hand hash catches on fire also
    or did i heard wrong?

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    What I think is happening here is the wicking properties of hemp.
    Most the time when you thow sap n flowers it melts then lights up like a candle!
    Blow it out and keep drawing that toke.
    I could be wrong
    I use to put my bho on flowers, but that was before we all vac'ed and before I had a rigs.
    So I suppose it could of been solvent, i don't know.
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    all oil does that on weed, thats why i came up with the ti pad set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hashmasta-Kut View Post
    all oil does that on weed, thats why i came up with the ti pad set up.
    doesnt get any more solidified then this! haha ^

    Just a responsible Cannabis consumer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hashmasta-Kut View Post
    all oil does that on weed, thats why i came up with the ti pad set up.
    And I don't think anyone will forget the TI pad. Best creation ever for a smoker. Curve love thank you hmk
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    always amazing to see how two styles come together to make something incredible.

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    If you use a torch lighter on it and keep the flame far enough away you can vape it while its on the bowl, kinda like a healthstone. But if you touch a vice flame to any kind of hash I've encountered it will light up like a candle. Bubble hash, bho, qwiso, kief even.
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    The volatile oils inside the BHO can ignite when subjected to a flame. However, it is of course possible for residual gas to cause a similar reaction. Take a dab on a dabber, take the tip of a flame to it, if it sparks a little thats normal (and is the oils converting to gas), if it sparks and the sparks ignite thats residual gas.
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