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Thread: rk91's thread

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    Default rk91's thread

    I've been inspired by some posts lately and noticed I have a fair amount of pictures saved up. So this will by my photo dump thread if anyone is bored feel free to browse!

    First off I made an album of all my marbles, mostly bob bank's but there are plenty of other artists. Small warning: about 40+ pics in there

    >>>>> <<<<<

    Here's my rig made by Beast, dabber broke and is currently being replaced

    some blue dream sap

    my snic x kuhns dabber

    a few nug shots from a while back

    mini tube with crosshair percs and halen rodeo all claimed up

    close up of the perc

    tahoe og sap

    k-line 3 slit

    purple jack sap

    part of my collection

    milk shot

    erl shot

    Beast dome

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    too many marbles!

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    my everest showerhead with a slide n dome

    some og skywalker sap

    e-bomb jar

    lil rig from a vermont blower

    too many marbles!

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    a few better pics of some mibs

    but first my beast!

    too many marbles!

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    random album of some headdies at my lhs

    heres a few highlights

    too many marbles!

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    heat that ti! feel free to comment!

    Last edited by rk91; 05-11-2013 at 12:58 AM.
    too many marbles!

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    Liking that yellow and blue rig a lot
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    thanks man, it quickly became my dd once i added it to my collection.

    some alaskan thunderfuck i threw up in the oil thread
    too many marbles!

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    Nice sap. And collection. That Slyme pile in his hand for a dish is cool - #BulletproofGlassworks

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    Thanks BPG I love that slyme dish for my bhombs. Here's some 2013 Jonathan Casto marbles from my lhs, you might see them on facebook soon Got a lot more pics comin soon so stay tuned

    too many marbles!

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    Glad that jar found a good home.
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