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    I never ingest any marijuana orally, and don't associate with any "med" patients, that's right.

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    Hey GS- I’ve also NEVER had a high from edibles. At least nothing noticeable. And I’ve taken pretty high doses, I’ve havent tried one of the 1000mg edibles though. I regret not buying one of those when they were still legal in CA, now they don’t allow edibles that strong anymore to be sold.

    I’d love to experience this “crazy” strong high that people talk about with edibles ...
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    Anyone who needs more than a standard icemaster with a diffy needs to get some better nugs.

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    I make a 9x9 Pyrex pan of rice krispy/pebbles treats with about 1/2lb of canna-butter every 3-4 days, I make about 5-6lb's of butter a month, pure smokable bud, no trim/shake.
    It's different from smoking weed, but gives me an all-day buzz that's pleasant, but not a risk of lung cancer like smoking it.
    And Mom and Dad say if I eat all of my food
    I can go to the hard core show and see F.O.D.

    "With counter-subversive educational priorities the way they are today, it really helps our side to re-enlist."

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    It is a sore/bitter subject matter for me, after almost 2yrs non-stop, 24/7 stress, feeling of hopelessness in not being able to do it all, under the gun for trying to find out as fast as possible, to learn everything I possibly could about the medical co-morbidities/health issues that would end up killing both of my parents, too soon for what could easily(had I proper info) been avoided, and kept both my parents alive for perhaps another 5-6yrs each…look it up, CRPC(castration resistant prostate cancer)…wonderful Zytiga, 1 of 2 FDA approved CRPC drugs that are ‘effective’ in that they provide a whopping additional average life expectancy of an additional 12-18mo of life…on average, all for the low low price of only $300/daily dose/1 pill.

    Of course due to failed healthcare delivery system that cuts out medically necessary drugs/therapies to keep ppl alive longer, in the last months, couldn’t even give my father Zytiga as you can’t crush it, to dissolve it in a liquid---and then the PSA blood counts skyrocketed into the 100s, from about 30. LES(lower esophageal sphincter muscle) commonly goes with elderly degeneration of the brain/nervous system…but then again, very common after major trauma/surgery, that eldery develop swallowing problems, can’t even keep water down(happened to my mom, 1st week after hip surgery that nearly killed her, at a skilled nursing facility for rehab, but after speech therapists worked with her, trained her palate using initially only cold swab on the tongue, then small ice cubes in the mouth…week later she was swallowing regular food again, no problem.

    Problems I had, my father was by then far too weak for chemo drugs; no way I’d subject him to Simpson oil regime of 1+g of THC daily, his mind was already pretty feeble/nearly in a fog already, without cannabis in his system. I read everything I could at the time and went with(since Zytiga & conventional testoterone hormone depletion wasn’t working) Real Scientific hemp oil paste that cost $3k/mo @ a rate of 1000mg of CBD/day, along with ~100-150mg THC from choc bars, melted into 2.0 cal(that’s hospital speak for 2.0/liter = 2000 calories/liter) meal replacement drink as my father had no appetite and I only heard much later, back in the hospitals for the last few times, due to the cancer, his body was in a “catabolic state” the nephrologist told me, and the only MD the entire 17mo until his death that told me that near the end…burning more calories that what was being input, even as the gastroenterologists was advising previously about how a person laying in bed almost 24/7 needs only about 1,800cal/day to keep alive/not lose weight. My father was losing weight slowly, week by week, to the point he looked similar to a person near death from starvation/holocaust victim...seeing his body shrivel to almost skin&bones, literally nothing, made him rather despondent.

    Back in 2013, I 1st was given my father, when he could still eat, without vomiting everything he swallowed, I could only get Hi-Fi bars, that stated 200mg thc cannabinoid content. 1st HTCanCup, SoCal I went to, the Werc shop had a booth, and I paid $50 there, had them test an entire bar to find out, what it really was. Results I could post up here, 95mg THC, 115mg THCa. So less than ½ rated active THC, meaning the ppl making this choc bar, did not do a good job heating. Since I was melting those bars, not long after I started buying them, I’m fairly certain, I was getting in the ballpark range of 100mgTHC/day…along w/10x as much CBD mixed into the nutrient drink and consumed by plan, over those 24hrs, as evenly as possilbe, my father did not show any outward signs of intoxication. 2014 I transitioned to 180mg & 360mg DayDreamer bars, which are packaged in 6 individual pieces/bar, making dosing much simpler. I know that when my father was in pain from probably both prostate cancer that had spread to his hips/lower spine, long-term spinal stenosis, 2 failed back surgeries for the 4 herniated disks he had; he was screaming upset that he wanted to die/have someone “kill me”, until I gave him an extra 60mg piece, after taking a 30mg Daydreamer, saying that the 30mg bar wasn’t helping him go to sleep…impatient I told him he knows full well any drug you ingest orally is going to take about 30min to start taking effect. He finally stopped crying/screaming & fell asleep, lol. Next day he had the same dreaded ‘hangover’ effect/residual of that 60mg THC dose that I typically get, claiming he didn’t care for the fact it was making him ‘goofy’/groggy.

    Had there been a 1500mg bar back then, would have been much easier to do dosing/melting smaller quantities into the drink I had to make every single day, taking about 2hrs in the process. There was& still is no ‘premade’ drink like this, it was a DIY, try to replicate consistent dose/flavor ea and everyday(had to add some ounces of really expensive/good high-end Callebaux Beligian cooking choc to the blend as 1000mg of paste CBD tastes pretty much awful, unless you dilute to 2+liter bottles, that elderly can’t possibly drink in a single 24hr period). Was a lot of work to do, used up extremely precious time, I needed for other pressing issues.

    I see on most forums, med mj users are for the most part, not in very poor health, that an elderly person might be in, not far from death, in their 80’s or 90’s, maybe if they are lucky into their 100’s…saw some ppl in the SNFs(skilled nursing facilities/rehab care centers pronounced in the trade as ‘sniffs’) that were pretty sharp/doing physically pretty well for 103. So most Med MJ forum users have not a clue the difficulties that arise when you have a patient that may have difficulty in obtaining, and more importantly, being able to dose/ingest without serious problems/difficulties. But then, you have those difficulties with ingesting food/nutrition & various forms of drugs, outside of IV lines. GT(gastric stomach) tubes and NG tubes, nasal gastric tubes, feeding tubes that are “always” -usually placed by a nurse, (was ‘scolded & schooled’ by UCLA 20yrs experienced RN that nurses always place these feeding tubes, “never a MD”…and of course the asshat was only partially correct, depends on the hospital rules/policy and a MD can, if they so choose, to do the placement themselves….guarantee you, there are gastroenterologists, pulmonary drs, that have more experience, can do a better job that just about any RN/NP> you will almost certainly get all kinds of bogus/wrong/insistence by hospital staff of various levels of authority…don’t believe everything they tell you, it’s often either ‘intentionally incorrect’, or arrogantly stated as fact(s).

    I was told so many falsehoods, I almost hate physicians as much as attorneys now, have almost same level of disgust/lack of respect for. I used to hold physicians/Dr’s(the real MD’s, not PhD’s) with high regard/respect…no more…some absolute stinker’s in the healthcare industries now, not many ‘old school’ physician model of what is now dinosaur style medical practice, replaced by budget constraints/massive wasteful bureaucracy.

    Minor example of what is endemic now, Medicare is billed by a SNF for what is written & coded for as cuticle surgery @$145…for a CNA(certified nursing assistant) to trim toenails & finger nails. I’ll be there are some beauty salons/manicurists that wish they could charge their clients $150 to trim their nails, lol.

    Not sure if it would do my PSTD much good, but I could spend several years & write a 1000+pg book on all the problems with healthcare system in the USA, just from what I learned/traumatized by; and I did not see it all, as such a nurse in a hospital working for decades might see.

    I was told by a neurologist with staff privileges still (semi-retired) at the hospital my mother was at, that I need not worry about her, as she was in the intensive care unit, and would have 24/7 care…fukin dumb arse physician, do me a favor and spend a month or so, 24/7 in that wing of the hospital & then tell me how safe any given patient is.

    My mother would have died, in no uncertain terms; if I wasn’t watching over her like a hawk, a full 30hrs with no sleep at all post hip-surgery, when she stopped breathing with me at her beside while staff was unaware until I ran out of the private room screaming “no pulse, no pulse” (was incorrect, her heart was still beating while it took a full 2+hrs before my mother regained consciousness and the rapid response team of Drs sat around clueless what to do, but ya got 2min before brain damage sets in when a person stops breathing/has no oxygen I their lungs). Man, that neurologist telling me my mom was ‘safe’ and had 24/7 nursing staff taking care of her in the hospital…what a absolute ignorant fuking dumbarse. That neurologist may have gotten a dose of his own medicine, as he was in his late 70’s at the time in 2013…he may lose his life in the hospital, with that supposed great 24/7 care watching over him…so his delusional mind thinks.

    ^yah that’s the shortened/brief form ‘rant’, all the other treatments/problems…takes a few more pages to explain which I’m not going to do, since I don’t need anymore PSTD rt now, got plenty coming up very soon in litigation>is there such a thing as anticipatory, ‘pre-traumatic, stress disorder’???.

    Not sure if anyone can read the nutritional info on the CasaLuna 1500mg bars, but if you can, what do you think is wrong with this bar, in terms of it being useful for med mj patients? I’ll be back shortly to explain more about that.

    &btw, I included as 1st image, the Delta9 truck, bc I lmfao it is semi-related to dosing…wtf is “one puff is enough” mean? Those distillates in cartridges, I stopped using those as the heating coils are heating the hash oil in them, to probably 1000ºF, might as well just combust it, you’re getting some combustion byproducts, even if not from a flame. Vaping <400ºF, or <430 (thcv vapes @this temp), is the least harm u could do to your lungs…absent some active cooling of the vapor, where if water is used, you’re removing a substantial amount of actives from the vapor<least that’s what older vape study done shows, better off just smoking a joint. One puff of those cartridges, given red-hot heating element + concentrated terps = choke/cough up a lung or two. Only way I could use those is, with tiny ‘sips’, which becomes uber tedious when ur sucking on that thing for 100+ mini hits.

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    An article I saw, maybe leafly, before Calif did it’s lousy ‘recreational’ laws that is totally inappropriate to mandate for medical uses; claimed that seniors buy the 1000mg bars/edibles so that they can stock up and ‘microdose’, not have to go to dispensaries(delivery b4 Nov 2016 voter changes to the laws, was v. limited compared to today) every week like a recreational user.

    One last thing, the article I linked to another thread, mentions Dr Frankel, who was an internist in practice @StJohn’s in Santa Monica, CA for 2 decades before he left that hospital and started up his med MJ business, as a ‘leader’/expert in CBD therapies. 6wks from the time I took my mother to him as a last resort when oxycodone & then later Fentanyl transdermal patch made her even more nearly comatose/ubunted after 3mo of constant motion from pain from the 2 thorasic vertebra compression fractures suffered in the hospital during saving her life when she had a pulmonary embolism…after which she could not get more than 1-2hrs sleep per/day for 3mo’s solid…worse than any Guantanamo Bay CIA interrogation/torture techniques, my mom was dead, wasn’t’ enough time to slowly experiment with what ratios of CBD/THC would help, as nothing seemed to make any difference, not 30mg THC from a Venice Cookie Co 180mg choc bar, that the dispensary guy told me made a male patient that ate a whole bar- sleep for 24hrs after.

    I ate 5/6 of a bar, made me groggy, fell asleep for 8hrs normal, and gave me a annoying hangover the next day I didn’t realize until I was driving and had minor trouble mentally focusing, before I recalled I had eaten the bar the night before.

    Funny thing is early on, before I was testing all the med mj before I gave any of it to my parents(ya think I’m going to trust some stoner doods printed label on an edible bar? Neither had ever had cannabis before in their lives, so I had to know if what I was giving them was too strong, would be cruelty to give them a dose that was too much and made them suffer anxiety/paranoia more than they were already suffering. Fentanyl post lung cancer surgery made my mom suffer a noticeable paranoia/anxiety attack in the critical care unit, until they stopped that, and just put her on a self-administering morphine pump. Week later, Ambien made her get up right in front of my dad, and try to pull IV out, and go sleep walking. And we have all those ‘experts’ & physicians that will tell you the data/incidence of Ambien episodes such as these only happen at around 4%...good luck with that when you are in that 4% group) I had this dispensary worker tell me the 250lb ex-pro football player, now security guard, ate a Aunt Delores-mentioned in a linked article in the other thread- choc muffin/cake.

    This security guard was also out for 24hrs, supposedly. That ‘muffin’ was taken out of a refrigerated auto-dispensing machine inside the collective. How long was it in there, with warning from the budtenders, probably no one else bothered to buy them. I bought one, said SC lab tested 523mg cannabinoids on label. Maybe it was mold/bacteria, I ate that when I got home, not thinking about it; needed to go for quick grocery shopping at night, started to feel that muffin only 15min after eating it! Got home, 30min later was on the floor curled up in fetal position in severe body aches, just like with a flu virus right before you puke. Sure enough that aching caused me to vomit big-time. 1hr later, same thing happened till my stomach was completely empty. Then I started to feel better, like my body had rid itself of some toxin I had ingested. Couple more hours and I started to feel back to normal, zero intoxicating feeling by then. That was awful experience, but now I can eat 3000mg of melted CasaLuna bar, and no, I don’t sleep for 24hrs.

    I got annoyed when 1500mg barely made me sleepy, so I ate another…same result, just a bit more ‘baked’, didn’t make me go to sleep any faster, didn’t help at all actually…should have put a 10-ton elephant to sleep, not me.

    What is going to happen when I really need cannabis for relief, in my end of life years, which is coming up?

    Damn, 14,936 char/w/spaces…going to need to break this into 2 posts ☺

    Don't seem to be able to post full size images, forgot how to do that...been a few yrs, lol, i"m almost as inept as Highgradechronic(but not in custody of LEO, like he is)...slow internet connection doesn't help, stalled during edit, page loads fine from another browser, but this post is stuck in this window.

    should be 1462x1224 pixel size>, click on image below, it will open up another window served up from the flickr website, and that popup window can be clicked on to 'zoom' to full size image, can't figure out if that is possible directly inside of a post click, ah fek it, still too small so see the label nutritional info, need magnifying glass, looks big enough on flickr though>
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