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    Default Laura Ingraham is a dumb arse>proof

    Daily sess thread is too long to spam this news to…so I’ll post in the appropriate ‘dead’ forum. There was a short interview/argument on Laura Inghram's show(FYI she is 100% Sessions supporter/anti-marijuana).

    Lame story title also: The ‘weedification’ of America

    As typical for her, she uses Colorado as her example of failed state cannabis legislation, with opponent guest from Colorado saying that delivery service being contemplated in that state is not going to help, that black market is #1 in that state as an exporter, that drug cartels are buying up homes and doing all these gro-ops.

    Love the imagery being shown….I haven’t had a joint since my college days back around 1980, lol. Drops of smuggled in from India(was the rumor) super thick/v dark green hash oil dripped on rolling paper after being heated in the coke vial via butane lighter.

    Huh, did any1 on the Ingraham Angle staff researchers bother to look at California cannabis? Some localities/cities/counties only allow delivery, no dispensaries at all. Yes, the black market in California should over take Colorado if it hasn’t already---truly laughable that some in Colorado think there are more dispensaries than Starbucks…come to Cali, Co has a population of ~6mil, So. Calif alone is 22+mil and growing…pretty damned obvious to anyone with a brain that California has the world’s largest cannabis market potential rapped up---sorry u Cannucks, yah can’t keep up with us either. Drug cartels don’t buy up homes in Cali…too damned expensive, they just grow & contaminate forests…ship to other states where it’s still illegal, make a fortune.

    In California, with very high taxes on regulated cannabis, Blk mkt flourishes…duh/d'oh that's a trick to figure. I’ve seen HT Cup winner Team Elite Genetics selling adult retail @prices of up to $67/3.5g…*before* taxes. $54/ 1/8th incl. taxes/$46med as a low at another dispensary…with many giving no discount for quantities greater than an 1/8th. Only the wealthy Cali customers can afford $90 1/8th=$720/oz. On the other hand, we can get via delivery(New Amsterdam Naturals is dispensary & delivery…they use 2 Mercedes delivery vans) or dispensary oz @many dispensaries/delivery @$100oz or less…Romulan Grapefruit.

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    I think it (black market herb) should stay strong in Canada too. 14$ a gram for top shelf they have online in BC

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    Karma is a be-yotch. What I get for using buses/public transportation to stock up on my cannabis, keep me good till past Jan1 when new labeling laws change things again.

    2-wk cold virus, not the worse I’ve had, but too long to endure anyway. Not very good quality/poor ‘bag appeal’, this varietal hits like any other 25+% THC indica flower I could get…wanted ‘cotton mouth’ for my nasal /bronchial passages to dry up all the mucus being produced and hard coughing up constant phlegmn ….only did my usual nightly sess initially, but significant body aches that is different from those you get with the flu before vomiting occurs, caused me to vape hours on and off, over the weekend…not sure

    Romulan Grapefruit, the label claims. $99/oz , 14%THC on dispensary printed label, no labs I can see to verify. But it’s not as bad as some of the ‘illegal’ unlicensed dispensaries are still selling. An easy ‘tell’ is on weedmaps listings of dispensaries, if the lic# for med & rec is listed at bottom of ‘details’ then it’s probably legal. If no lic# is listed, then likely illegal. Still plent of probs with lab testing, many false positives, scandals for the 40 or so labs that are currently doing testing. I’ll post up some images of dubious labeling of lab results on 710 Labs extracts, in another post shortly.

    Guess it’s actually better Ingraham’s staff did not do a story about California’s rec mj market since Jan 2017, as I’m sure her staff would botch that even worse, interviewing only those gov/law enforcement ‘politicians’ that want to get on TV/news.

    Snoop Dog’s venture capitalist co is investing in Eaze. Colorado only has a pop of 6mil, how many Starbucks could they have in the entire state, let alone dispensaries? California has 3mil more than the entire pop of Canada. Ca is the nations ‘bread basket’ as far as produce industry, same for supplying blk mkt mj for the rest of the world ☺ With a GDP that dwarfs Canada, and the rest of the rec mj states in the USA, gotta be brain dead not to realize (many in denial on canna forums, think Colorado is ‘da place’ for top mj/extract artists, etc) it’s the world’s largest cannabis market…High Times ain’t dumb, they know.


    The Los Angeles area alone is expected to become the largest legal cannabis market in the world, bigger than Northern California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington state combined. That’s opened the door to businesses that provide door-to-door delivery. But a tech platform that makes it easy to order the drug from a smartphone wants in on the action.
    Since recreational pot became legal Jan. 1, pot delivery has jumped.

    At present, Eaze is only delivering to parts of LA city, not the entire area of city limits, nothing outside of a limited area. Forget about Co’ ‘starbucks’ dispensaries, there are probably more delivery drivers doing Eaze than all of Co’s store fronts …what a calamity it would be if Co had that many delivery drivers on the road there, lol.

    Now Eaze is lobbying for a new law that would allow drivers to sell products directly from their vehicles, just like an ice cream truck.

    ^the sky is falling, the sky is falling, quick someone tell Inghram, Eaze wants to sell mj to children, just like ice cream trucks, lol.

    Now all we need is to get those damned prices down from the skyhigh rates they are charging now. Looking @this thread on ICMag that is now 640pgs long, started in 2010, wholesale sure is not translating into lower retail prices in Calif, least not So. Cal.

    Wholesale pot prices plummet. Now there starting to get better


    NAN has 2 of these branded/painted Mercedes Sprinter vans(didn’t know they are made in the USA, base price $33k):

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    This is like a Jackie Peppers multi-turbo posting, all jammed together in one post(is there a ‘standard’ 10k char limit to a single post?).Things are heating up with delivery service, and cities that want to prevent cannabis being sold…same thing is happening in other states, Illinois & Michigan are going to have to deal with the same issues as California, soon enough.

    Dozens of Michigan communities are voting to ban marijuana shops


    But for now, starting Jan1, in Cali at least, delivery is going to be allowed through out the entire state…whoo…hoo! But I’m hopeful we don’t get national attention from that pesky Laura Inghram show, hope they don’t read this article


    Police chiefs warn of increased crime if California allows pot deliveries statewide

    So far, 128 permits have been issued throughout the state to marijuana retailers allowing them to deliver to homes.
    Licensed retailers who use Eaze, an online cannabis marketplace and delivery app, have made more than 500,000 deliveries throughout California since the sale of pot for recreational purposes began Jan. 1, according to the firm Eaze Solutions.


    “After voters legalized marijuana two years ago under Proposition 64, state officials estimated in there would be as many as 6,000 cannabis shops licensed in the first few years. But the state Bureau of Cannabis Control has issued just 547 temporary and annual licenses to marijuana retail stores and dispensaries. Some 1,790 stores and dispensaries were paying taxes on medicinal pot sales before licenses were required starting Jan. 1.”

    “Less than 20% of cities in California — 89 of 482 — allow retail shops to sell cannabis for recreational use”

    “Eighty-two of Los Angeles County’s 88 cities prohibit retail sales of recreational marijuana”

    “California has also issued fewer cultivation licenses than expected in the first year of legalization, with about 2,160 growers registered with the state; an estimated 50,000 commercial cannabis cultivation operations existed before Proposition 64, according to the California Growers Assn. Some have given up growing pot, but many others are continuing to operate illegally.”

    And of course, our beloved lib/Democratic party controlled state is pro tax the rich(except those legislators own riches)…which means the mid-low income ppl endup screwed bearing the majority of the tax burden.

    “The various taxes and fees could drive up the cost of legal cannabis in parts of California by 45%, according to the global credit ratings firm Fitch Ratings.
    There is less of a tax burden in Oregon, where voters legalized recreational pot in 2014, and state and local taxes are capped at 20%. With nearly a tenth of the population of California, that state has more licensed cannabis shops — 601. On a per capita basis, Alaska has also approved more pot shop licenses than California, — 94 so far. The state imposes a tax on cultivation, but there is no retail excise tax on pot.

    Ajax, the state pot czar, says her agency has had a productive first year, issuing initial licenses, refining the rules and stepping up action against unlicensed operations, including partnering with the Los Angeles Police Department to seize $2 million worth of marijuana products from an unlicensed shop in Sylmar in October.

    ^this, One Stop Healers pictured in this article, I bought many CasaLuna bars there in 2016. It looks like one of those portable office buildings seen at construction sites, and the concentrates there look like they had never seen refrigeration, unsold for a year or more, the flower…1st patient gets a free g, so I went with the Straw Banana, and instantly thought this dispensary is shady at best…never tasted so much caramel flavor on any bud before, just reeked as soon as you opened the plastic container, hard to believe a small shop like that has that much product, the bigger dispensaries must have 2-3x that much on display alone “almost 500 pounds of cannabis flower, over 430 gross pounds of concentrates, and over 200 gross pounds of edibles.
    ”…see link below:


    1yr into California’s experiment with retail sales, lol.

    “Eradicating cannabis plants
    The DEA says it is targeting Chinese, Cuban and Mexican drug cartels illegally growing marijuana. According to law enforcement, cartels are finding states where marijuana has been legalized to hide their growth and distribute within other states or across the border. California was responsible for 68 percent of domestic marijuana eradication in 2017”
    ^pie charts & graphs in this article: Florida was #2 in states eradication, 61k pounds, dwarfed by CA @545k pounds<worlds largest legal and illegal market for mj.


    “Either way, upheaval will continue in California.
    There’s positive change coming for cannabis festivals, which struggled to find legal venues in 2018. Starting Jan. 1, cities can sanction events that permit marijuana sales and consumption just about anywhere they want.
    Final state regulations will let licensed services deliver cannabis even if a given city has blocked commercial businesses. Some jurisdictions and law enforcement groups are opposing that rule, with talk of a lawsuit looming.

    Cannabis collectives, long permitted under medical marijuana laws, must shut down or get licensed by Jan. 9.
    New testing requirements will also kick in soon, which some fear could trigger more product shortages.”
    “Meanwhile, strict new testing standards have led to recalls of millions of dollars in cannabis products.”


    “That grace period ended July 1, and the state says since then labs have tested 5,268 batches of marijuana, about 20 percent of which failed to meet state standards.

    Those numbers would likely be higher if companies weren’t paying for independent lab tests before putting their products through the official supply chain, according to Verdant Distribution founder Brian Blatz.
    “Smart brands are pretesting first, then testing again in the labs,” he said.
    More than two thirds (68 percent) of the cannabis batches that failed in state tests did so because of inaccurate claims on the labels. Specifically, labels often over-state the amount of THC — the compound in cannabis that makes people feel high — that’s actually in the cannabis, according to Bureau of Cannabis Control spokesman Alex Traverso.
    Nearly one in five of the failed tests (19 percent) were related to pesticides. In some cases, the cannabis tested for traces of pesticides that are totally forbidden; in others, it tested with higher levels of pesticides than the amount deemed safe by state law.”



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