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    Talking Pictures of Mushrooms growing- Grow diary plus Tek

    Greetings my friends
    Here are some pictures of mushrooms growing at different stages .
    The first pictures will be pint sized Mason jars of BRF and vermiculite.
    BRF stands for ' Brown Rice Flower". These jars are in various stages of colonization .
    I followed what is called the
    PF BRF TEK to grow these mushrooms.
    PC KOH classic mushrooms is the strain inside of these jars .
    The first 2 pictures are of jars completely colonized. The next pictures will be of jars partually colonized.
    All the jars were all innoculated at the same time with KOH classic. Some jars colonize faster than other do.
    I have pictures of the mushrooms growing in different stages as well .
    I have pictures of the next grow of mushrooms as well of the strain B+.
    I also have pictures from a friend of "Logs" the mushrooms grow on.
    You make these logs out of Wildbirdseed that's been colonized, then transfered to the straw which is incased on a plastic casing or really a plastic bag .
    Then the logs sit and become colonized as well. From there they grow mushrooms .
    You can see inside of the log bags the mushrooms that are growing during what's called the first "flush" or harvest as us pot growers would say.
    So people like to cut open the log bags once the logs have been fully colonized , some like to leave the bag shut until after the first flush.
    There are many different Teks
    (growing methods) for growing mushrooms ..
    Here are the pictures
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    Nice jars there surfs.
    We are gona get some more pictures in here
    and grow logs.
    Keep us updated.

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    Here are some pictures of KOH classic in various stages of fruiting.
    Instead of flowering like growing pot, in our case with mushrooms, we're in the "fruiting stage" of the mushrooms.
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    lookin real good marksurfs!
    Are those classic PF cakes ya got goin there?

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    i got a field in my area. at least three kinds of psilocybin grow in there.

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    For some reason I would had never expected you would be 1 to trip...


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    These are more pictures of mushrooms at different stages of growth .

    Hi OG Mushroom

    You can trust OG Mushroom , he's my friend . If you can trust Marksurfs, then you can trust OG Mushroom .
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    Greetings my friends
    tripnoncid , yes the cakes are PF BRF TEK

    Thank you DoM Cannabis , mushrooms are fun to watch grow and even more fun to sample your grow

    Hashmasta-Kut , that sounds great to me , if I had a field with a variety of shoorms growing , I'd be out there gathering samples to make spore prints with and grow them inside .

    Hi syko2 , you'd be surprised I think if you were to see my life style and what I use on my brain for intertainment as well as medication .
    I found something really interesting about the mushroom, it doesn't just get a person high, it can also remove pain. The mushroom high reminds me alot of the high I get from eating my hashoil brownies . The differance is in the color . Mushrooms add color to the high. So yep, I love to trip .
    I can actually see things in my life very clearly sometimes when I eat mushrooms that I otherwise wouldn't see . I find the mushrooms interesting .

    I'll post more pictures that I have and I'll also post pictures as I go along with grows . That way you can see the different ways that I'll be using to grow the same type of mushroom. More than likely the strain B+ .
    I'll show a casing tek as I go along and will show the differance each way or style of growing has to offer . You've already seen what PF Brown Rice Flower cakes or PF BRF cakes can produce .
    I'll also be doing log grows .
    At the moment I have B+ in a casing Tek . The casing is 60% vemiculite and 40% Peat moss with 2 table spoons of dehydrated lime .
    The lime keeps contamination at bay until the substrate you use for spawning with or colonizing with is fully colonized. Otherwise other bacteria can set in like green mold.
    The green mold is poisonous and you don't want your mushrooms to have green mold poison in them , so if you ever end up with alot of green mold, get rid of the substrate and try not to breath the mold spores .
    I'm not an expert on how far green mold should be loud on a substrate before you have to destroy it . If I see the green mold ' I'd personally get rid of the substrate.
    Substrate is what you're growing your mushrooms in, sort of like what soil is to pot seeds. Your substrate can be in many different forms depending on the needs of the certain strain .
    It's used to feed the colonizing mushrooms .
    Some mushrooms will grow without the added addition of animal dung or compost or mulch to the substrate, like Psilocybe Cubensis .
    Psilocybe Cubensis can be grown with grain and no dung or compost or mulch, just grian and vermiculite added together , though dung can be added to the substrate .
    Mushrooms grow well when animal dung is added to the substrate.
    Azurescens is grow outdoors in wood chip beds . You can either incoluate the wood chips or spawn or colonize grain and mix it in with the wood chips for inculation . It has to be done in shady areas and not full sun.
    The most potent of these mushrooms are as follows in potency,
    Azurescens , then Pan Cyan , then Cubenssis .
    I'll be growing and have spawning in Wildbirdseeds , Pan Cyan .
    I also have jars colonizing and cased in a casing , B+ Cubensis in the 60% vermiculite to 40% Peat moss casing.
    Take care all and great grows to you, Marksurfs
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    Only animal dunn or would any Orgainic substance work like other types of compost or Orgainc fert's?


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    Hi syko2
    Yes you can use other types of compost or mulch in place of animal dung, but not just any organic substrate will work in all cases for every type of mushroom.
    You'd need to use compost and sterilize or pasturize it before use in some cases.
    I'd do a study on what ever mushroom strain I was going to grow and get all the information on what substrates are used for what mushroom strain. I find alot of conflicting information out there on how different mushrooms should be grown , so do alot of reading .
    I've not heard of using fertalized soil before for dung or wood loving mushrooms .
    I know you can use soil as a casing for Cubensis .
    I'd avoid anything that may have chemicals in it to fight fungus , like fungicides in the soil or any sorce of substrate that you use for growing mushrooms .
    So make sure you read the label on any compost or mulch you might try as substrate .
    Take care my friend, Marksurfs
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