Do to the use of the "Bubble Cloner" concept I have seen many growers ask how to transplant a cutting that has been rooted via Hydroponics to soil or a soil-less mix. My self I like to root my cutting's via Hydroponic propagator then transplant them into a soil-less mix to veg and flower.

Here I will go over how I do so and how I achieve results.

Once the cutting has rooted via Hydroponic propagation you can now transplant the rooted cutting into your medium of choice.
Their are a few thing's that need to be addressed before transplanting.

Remember, the new root's are growing into water and will become "Water Root's" if left to grow in the propagator to long.

If you wish to continue growing the cutting in a hydroponic system that is designed to grow and house "Water Root's" such as a Soil-less medium in a hydroponic setting; then you can transplant and continue with little worry beside the transplanting it self.

Those that wish to transplant into a medium which will not be used in a Hydroponic setting such as Soil or even a (non hydroponic) use of a Soil-less mix can have some problems if the "Water Root's" do not change back into "Air Root's".

Your cutting(s) should have just a few small root's when transplanting into soil as a medium. This way your root mass has not had a chance to get use to growing in water. I do not allow a rooted cutting to stay in the propagator for more then a few day's once it has rooted.
3 to 5 day's is plenty of time to grow enough root's.

Your growing container should have drainage.

Your medium should be lose to allow for root growth. I like to use 6 oz or 8 oz containers to plant in and allow a cutting to finish growing it's root mass. This is enough space to allow the cutting to grow it's root's and still allow for control over watering and feeding of the plant. This is the key to a successful transplanting.

By using a smaller container with a lose medium; the medium will dry out much quicker from the 1st watering thus, allowing the root's to seek the medium creating a healthier and larger root mass that can handle being feed/watered out of a Hydroponic setting.

To achieve this effect, place your pre-moistened medium into your new growing container, filling it about 1/2 filled or so.

You can add a week B-1 or Transplant fert when pre-soaking the medium. pH adjust as needed. Rember, root's will not be able to handle regular feeding's right away and to strong of a feeding can cause root and plant stunting.

I wait till after the 1 watering before feeding @ 1/4th strength.

Place the rooted cutting into the medium and back fill. Make sure the cutting is secure, not moving around and water with pH adjusted water very lightly to settle the root's. The medium should be wet, not moist. The cutting may show signs of wilting other wise since it is not use to the new medium so to prevent wilting soaking the medium will allow the root's to uptake the moister it needs to prevent any wilting or stress.

Next, allow the medium to dry out completely before watering again. This is what will help the root's seek the medium and change from "Water to Air Root's".

Keep them under week lighting for a few day's and let them recover, once they start to grow continue watering/feeding with a week transplant or bloom nutrient to promote rooting and replacing the stored nutrient used by the cutting.

Once root's have reached the drainage holes you can leave them to root further in the pot or transplant right away but I like to allow them to remain in the pot for a few extra day's before re potting them. I find it help's with building a stronger and healthier root mass and plant.