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    Ohhhhh sick worked diffy in the A/C

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    It's been so long since a LUX shipment has come to my nearest (And only) RooR dealer...

    I'm fuckin gettin pissed, because I didnt buy a mini when they had one when I bought my worked LUX.

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    some milk outa my new ehle custom before Weeds, finally to the unleaked episodes. This 5mm ehle feels and looks thicker than my other 5mm tubes.
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    Yeah so did my 5mm ehle
    VERY Choice tube right there!

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    Nice shape

    doubler stem less

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    I spy a nose piercing?

    shut up and smoke ma weed

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    just short of my goals


    i ehle 5mm feels thicker too
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    correct me if i'm wrong but it looks to me like he has a diffy in there. btw i think most people do that, or atleast i would if i had a roor classic.
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    i'm a bottom hole lover too

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    I'm more curious about how it's a "doubler stem less"
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    i wouldnt hit a bubbler anymore w.o diffy really. sort of spoiled i guess but just how i like it. i think its stemless cause the water level when u pull gets above the stem and a little angle helps too. milkshot? should get a 14-18 diffy and throw the FM ac on it for trippler
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