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    first milkshot with this tube i've posted...

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    suppose 2 be studyin .... haha but here's some 7mm milkage nothing like a good ol wake up hit

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    hahaha nothing like a wake up at 3 pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3combs View Post
    hahaha nothing like a wake up at 3 pm

    haha iv been up since 9 but in a trance from the adderall

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    adderall sucks, i have to stay up tonight. nice milk of the 7mm FP perc(my fav. perc)
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    no snappers only tappers
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    i'm a bottom hole lover too

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    Nice milk everyone, that fp perc is sick miamikush. Here is some milk from today, caught the pic right at the moment of the clear, thought it looked pretty sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minor threat View Post
    Nice milk Saitouh and thats a sweet perc ya got there, interesting label. I've been thinking about picking up a black label beaker perc this weekend if the shop still has it. Here's a little after dinner milk from last night.
    thanks man, love that beaker with the marb on it, very sick

    Couple miks from the last couple days

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    that is a dizzank worked roor you have there sir. good lookin out.


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    is that a 7mm triple beaker?? thats kinda interesting
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