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    D-9, nice elite clones as usual brah!

    BigT, got any plant shots? PPM and pH management is very important in hydro to be able to dial-in the needs of your ladies... If the PPM's drop and the pH rises, then your girls need more food assuming your nutrient profile is on point; the opposite swings would indicate too much food. Dropping water levels and consistent PPM's and pH between top offs would be the sweet spot...
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    That's why I don't play in water. Too much figuring for my lazy arse

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    hey everyone, thought you all might like some bud porn.

    Shady, Thats some good info, as soon as you said that it clicked in my head. I have noticed my PH has been pretty steady except when something changes than its way out of whack! I will be getting a TDS/PPM meter hopefully by end of week so I can see the numbers.

    Has anyone ever had a plant bend over on its own at the surface of the growing media??? the little lady is doing awesome, but it just looks funny!

    Dandaweedman, I hear yeah! The old lady is riding my arse cause I have to spend so much time every day playing with water.... Im going to get my fingers dirty after these finish out to see if it saves me some personal time! I have been kickin around the idea of playing in the dirt, I hope it might help bring down my humidity a little to.

    Cappy, good to see you this weekend bro. We need to grt our fishin license's. The rivers are calling, and I need to restock the freezer!

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    that is a wicked bent stem,brotha,I've never seen that before.
    glad ya got to see olr cappy,how the ole maan health anyways

    d9,dan,tap,shady and the rest of you geat ppl,have a smokey fryday

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    And have a happy Fried day yourself

    OK I'm a little on the slow edge
    Nice budshots BIGtiny. Love the bent stem too, doesn't seem to have bothered the plant hey?

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    sup team-whas cookin

    BigT-that's one crazy turtle ya got,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tap_Water View Post
    Sup team, Well it looks like the Pot party has ended for a few dozen in Montana today.

    Seems that the feds took out some of the big guys and the warrants dont expire till the 24th so looks like more might get a visit in the days to come.

    This comes on a day that the repeal was voted on and it was a 6 to 6 tie. Seems like interesting days to come for MMJ in Montana.

    Anyhow be safe Team, I'll try and get some shots up of this latest SDV3/Purple Urkle. She is looking tasty if i say so myself. Tap
    hows things with are tappy

    Originally Posted by Dandaweedman
    And have a happy Fried day yourself [[quote/]

    OK I'm a little on the slow edge
    Nice budshots BIGtiny. Love the bent stem too, doesn't seem to have bothered the plant hey?

    no shit,that crazy stem.
    happy 420
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-9 View Post
    That chem looks amazing.
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    Wow, I cant believe ya’ll are still in here. I have been off the grid for a long time…All of my growing is in the vegetable garden these days.

    Been through a lot lately including an attack of Pancreatitis…I remember Ra giving me shit for drinking…telling me I would end up on dialysis and in misery like him…he didn’t mention the pancreas! Apparently that’s my Achilles heel…and the shit can kill you.

    But, many of you well know of illness, and life threatening illness at that…I read for years as some of you have struggled with various health problems. Glad to see some of you are here still. I don’t remember all the names I see here but Sneak, Tap and Shady are certainly very familiar.

    Nice buds to all.

    I don’t think I can post pics to this site because I only allow secure content as I recall… not that I have a grow right now anyway…I guess I could show you my Alaska Peas! Oh and the arugula is off the charts! He, he…

    A big Howdy and Peace to all,

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    God damn it's been a while...

    Hope everyone is still doing good and staying safe.

    Sorry I haven't been in at all recently, been working and going to school basically non stop, and working on getting married on top of that. Never thought I'd be doing that but, here we are...

    I've been itching to start growing again sooooooooo bad, but I gotta suck it up and wait cause they've been cracking down around my area, and I've sat in one too many cells this year already.

    Though I still maintain that I will be back, with a vengeance...some day.

    Take care of yourself guys, and stay safe.
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